About Us

Welcome to our company, where we believe in the healing power of natural remedies and promote wellness through the use of high-quality, authentic sea moss.

Our story began with a personal tragedy, when our founder experienced a stillbirth of her son in July 2020. She found herself in a deep depression and was desperate to find a way to improve her mental and physical health. Having lived in New York City in the past, her friends had educated her on the benefits of sea moss, and she was determined to start incorporating it into her life again.

However, upon researching brands and products online, she found that there were no brands she trusted. She could not find a source that rinsed and soaked the sea moss in spring water, used authentic and non-factory made sea moss, and did not use plastic jars that could compromise the quality of the sea moss gel.

Determined to make a change, she began making her own high-quality sea moss gel. Her friends and family were quickly impressed with the results and asked for some of their own. Word spread, and before she knew it, she was helping locals improve their health and well-being with her homemade sea moss gel.

As demand grew and people across the United States began asking for her products, she educated herself on proper shipping methods to ensure that her sea moss arrived safely and soundly. With a passion for helping people feel better, she founded her company, Plant Lyfe Company, committed to providing high-quality, authentic, and effective sea moss products to others.

At our company, we are dedicated to promoting the benefits of natural remedies and helping people feel their best, one jar of sea moss gel at a time.